I’ve never been a fan of school. I was always too antsy to sit through class. I was rarely interested in what the teacher was talking about, but tried desperately to convince them that that I was right there with ’em.

In high school I used to go to an extra class in the morning, just so I could leave earlier in the afternoon and get to my job at McDonalds. That way I made an extra $6 a day – which added up when you did it five days a week. Even while in college I worked full time. I used to have a mentality that I would start putting as much effort into my school work, as I did my job, just as soon as they began handing out paychecks when grades were posted.

I got into advertising by mistake. I actually felt a bit guilty when I saw interns at work. These poor saps had put in a good four or five years in college, gone to portfolio school for another two, and were lucky if they found a paid internship at an agency by the time they were through. Even then, only about half of any given group of interns are ever hired.

My story goes like this:

Drink and smoke a lot of dope in school. Drop out. Move home. Go to Junior college. Drink more – a lot more. Drop out. Get a temp job as a secretary for a four week assignment at a direct marketing firm (because I can type). Wham – I’m in the door and thanks to some amazing mentors, I somehow turn this into a career.

Believe me – this wasn’t in my plan. It was God. Divine intervention. Destiny. The path of the universe. Fuck if I know. I just know I was damned lucky.

Since that first temp assignment I’ve spent time with three agencies. Went back to school for a while. Spent six months in Los Angeles. Got sober. Started a couple of companies. Life has handed me a pretty good hand. I’m grateful today.

Around New Years I get an email from my friend Tim. He tells me that a local portfolio school is looking for an instructor to teach ecommerce to advertising students. He thinks I’d be perfect.

Me? Teach? Please, Tim – put down the crack pipe.

Three months later, another one of life’s little journeys is complete. I taught a class. And had fun. And I think I was good. The opportunity allowed me to pass on some of the knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the years and give back a little of what was given to me.

Thank you, Tim. Thanks, Alyn. And thanks to the class for putting up with their amateur instructor.

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  1. I guess that more promises are coming to you, in the offer of teaching. Seems someone up there likes you. Well done…

    Time to show your skills since Sobriety asks things of us that would not have happened before, right?


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