Phew. I’m glad the weekend is over!

This was my first sober Pride. Well, my first full sober pride – I was once sober and backstage at the Long Beach pride while The Village People and Amber performed, but that doesn’t really count.

Back to present day – It’s funny how many other sober people were there… I honestly thought pride was one big drink-fest before. At least that’s how I always remembered it. There was plenty-o-eye-candy about! I had wanted to take my camera, but I lost the flash memory card, so I have no pictures of any of them 🙁

I especially enjoyed the sign language interpretive dance the Leather-Daddy-sign-language-interpretor was performing stage left at the smaller stage on the south end of the park. Aside from aforementioned leather daddy, there were plenty of other “diverse” people about. Working the booth, I somewhat felt like the folks in Carnivale, except there was one small difference – the ‘weirdos’ were on the other side of the booth!

The tea booth itself was a taxing experience – lots of manual labor hauling that shit around and we sold much less than we had anticipated, so we carried around that much more. But I’m not bitter, or sore. LOL – it’s good that I can make myself laugh, right? It was also fun to watch Richard, a hunky straight guy in the program who worked the booth with me, get hit on left and right. Some folks went so far as to ask him for sex. Always jokingly of course, but there’s always some truth in those comments 🙂 I’m sure these comments had a LOT of truth in them.

I heard on the news that the Twin Cities pride event is the 3rd largest in the nation. I’m sure New York is the largest, but who’s second? Chicago’s has got to be big. Los Angels as well, but then again, in LA, they have a ton of Pride’s… that city is so spread out they almost have to. I would guess San Francisco would be large, as well as San Diego. If anyone knows, I’m

I met Jim from blog land, as well as Aaron – though I’m just guessing on Aaron because he didn’t specifically state that’s who he was, but I’m assuming 🙂 Of course, Jim was there and I also ran into Wanda, too. Oh, I also ran into a couple of people who were having too much fun (read: DRUNK) who have spotted me around Gaviidae or outside the building smoking. It’s funny how many people recognize me from the street corner of Nicollet and 6th and say, “haven’t I seen you outside smoking?” and then I respond, ‘probably’ and they have no other conversation to make.

It’s Monday and I’m back at work now. Have a spectacular day!