Haven’t had the time, been sick, or just haven’t been myself lately to blog. I’m finally feeling better, though, so I figured it’s time to jump back in!

Work has been going really well, but I was out sick for much of this week. It was really strange calling in sick and actually being sick. Whenever I called in sick in the past, 90% of the time it was due to a hangover. I used to feel guilty whenever I would call in sick – that, or I would rationalize to myself why I deserved a day off.

Anyhow, calling in sick at a new job made me feel so guilty. It was an awful feeling. Hopefully things will just be back to normal come Monday.

Stopped by a party at Aaron’s. Saw a few people that I used to party with and also met Mighty. It was an okay time, but it’s just not the same when you don’t have a cocktail-crutch.

Stopped by my treatment center with a couple of buddies today to visit some people they know there. I spoke with a couple of the ‘inmates’ for a while. It’s crazy how some people seem to have great lives and they lose it all because of drugs or alcohol. It’s humbling to speak with them and hear how they’re dealing (struggling) with their situations. I’m grateful that I’m no longer in one of those situations. I’m hopeful I’ll never return.

Went to a barbeque tonight in St Paul. It was a friend’s sobriety birthday. I didn’t actually get to talk to him though because he was performing in his band the entire time. There were probably about 150 people there. It was a perfect night, no mosquitos, and a ton of positive energy. It’s so great to experience good times without booze and dope.