I’m in London. 29 and I’ve finally ventured beyond North America. I’m traveling with my friend, Fabian, who knows the city rather well – which has proven quite useful.

In two days we’ve been to see Saunders and French at the Drury St Theatre for their farewell show. In fact, we saw it the night before closing. We had great seats in the front row of the balcony. The following night we saw Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre – a fabulous show I’d most certainly see again!

We visited both the Tate Modern and the British Museum. I favored the latter a it had much more to see and seemingly more history (the Tate is a modern art museum, afterall). While at the British Museum we saw the Rosetta Stone, the Elgin (Parthenon) Marbles from Athens, dozens of ancient Egyptian artifacts – huge gates, entire walls all detailed with hieroglyphics, mummies, sarcophogas (sp?), and other artifacts. The enormity of the place and all of the history contained within could occupy me for weeks on end – it was truly a treat and a place I hope to visit again.

Today we may see The Queen, who will be making an anual Armistice Day appearance in honor of the ten million soldiers who died in World War II. Nearly everyone here wears a poppy in rememberence for the same reason – it’s quite near to everyone’s heart here, it seems – something you do not see as much of in the US.

We are staying at the Grovsenor House on Park Lane, across from Hyde Park. The building is beautiful, as is the room. Amenities leave nothing to want and the two restaurants on site provide the finest in dining experience. It’s quite fancy and I feel fortunate to have picked such a wonderful place from the Orbitz travel selections.

A view from the interior of the British Museum:

Update: I’ve created a London album in the gallery.

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  1. I am just curious the root of your boozing, in your recovery did you ever find a reason?

    I come backto your blog whenever I am down……don’t really know why but I think looking are your arms and your smile makes me feel better.


  2. London is a great city isn’t it? It certainly is one of my top five. I blindly stumbled onto your site a few years back and have, from time to time, stopped by to see how you’re getting on. Curiosities about my fellow Minnesotans always get the better of me… Hope you enjoyed your time in the UK.

  3. Thanks for the notes, guys.

    Grant – to answer your question – yes, I found the root of my drinking – I’m an alcoholic. If there’s a cause of alcoholism, I don’t know what it is. I just accept it as fact today and do what I can to keep the disease in check.

  4. Спасибо. Прочитал с интересом. Блог в избранное занес=)

  5. Stumbled here – it was a link with a title I liked. Value your serenity with everything you’ve got. No relationship, nor fleeting sexual gratification, nor fame, nor power, nor material wealth can make up for being able to sit back, and to feel a deep sense of serenity and of peace in ones soul.

    I enjoyed the “me back then” and “me now” pictures and the contrast they presented. This blog serves a good purpose for those wandering about with the same or similar addictions. I like your comment about the root of your own past drinking in answer to a readers question “I’m an alcoholic”. It is both a cheeky response, and at the same time a clear “I can see for miles” answer.

    I have thought about addictions a lot in my life. I come from a family with drinking on both sides (much worse on my father’s side). My older brother (not gay) and I (gay) both ended up with addictive personalities but strangely each is immune to the others addictions. He got the drinking gene (he hung that up for good about a decade ago, and also hung up smoking – I am told the two go together though I am not sure why). He also liked gambling, just a bit though.

    I do not know why drinking does not float my boat. He even quizzes me about it. I do not seem to be able to ever get beyond two drinks – I cannot focus on anything after that which is some sort of automatic shut off. But also, there is no release in it for me.

    But, take cocaine. There is not enough in the universe to satiate me. So as parallel to you, I am a cocaholic. To end that behavior, I had to move away from the environment where I did it (two state lines) and now I do not know anyone who has anything to do with it. I can say that I never think about it now in that terrible way. The last time I had such a thought was three years ago when I was at a friend’s house for New Years. I had told this friend ”I am a coke addict – never, ever, ever, ever, ever offer me any, or mention it if it happens to be around because I will be off and running. I know myself. And if I EVER ask you if you can get me any – the answer is “NO”.

    So at this party he disappeared for a while outside. I though he was smoking a cigarette or something (he smokes if he drinks which is not often – there is that mysterious connection again). Two days later he mentioned that someone had brought a lot of blow, but that I had told him to never mention it to me so he didn’t. I thanked him for being a good friend and assured him that he did the right thing by not letting me know about it.

    But even that got me thinking for about a week – not good thinking. But luckily, by the end if the week all I could remember were the last days I had been a practicing addict and then such thoughts vanished. Now, a decade later I can remember such things w/o any triggers being flicked.

    I need to close now (laundry day and a new high end Maytag to take on its maiden voyage). I do think there is something to personality type and the substance or behavior (gambling, shopaholics, risk takers, sex addicts, porno addicts as examples) one is susceptible. My brother, and two other men I know who battle the bottle are initially shy. I am initially outgoing and can stand on a stage and speak before hundreds w/o any problem. However my brother was also a public drinker – he said there was no point to doing it alone. I know that is not always the case from personal experience with friends (I lost a very good friend in 2002 to drinking). I was a private addict – I only did it when alone. Another branch of my family has all the meth addicts – that is a scary bunch, at least to me they are.

    Well, you stay safe, sane, and sober and nurture your young and beautiful soul.

    Cheers, Will

  6. Thanks for the long note, Will! Not sure what to respond to, other than to say I’m happy that you’ve found your way beyond your addiction. It’s no easy feat, and you are part of a minority. Congratulations 🙂


  7. and I came upon your website just buy writing ‘somebody’ in google, nice to read and have fun!

    more to why I asked somebody… I wish there was an answer to that, I have never felt the reason to ask- google has no answer.. maybe answer yourself.

    have good times and laugh, im not bonkers just pissed and have no job! emmm dont like that feeling, Im normally so directed and focused, this situation is quiet annoying emmm.

    anyhow you just have fun 😉 wish i knew where I was heading – at least you do!

  8. Just ran across your blog. I am trying to get and keep a semblance of balance in my life. I like your writing style, and I’m sure I will return often to read it.

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