Ok, well sort of. You can’t really tell from my high quality picture phone snapshot 😉

I’m back at work – day two now – after my long vacation. I’m actually full time now. I was contracting prior to this, but fortunately, the company decided they couldn’t live without me and brought me on full time. Okay, so I’m being sarcastic. They could live without me, it just wouldn’t be as pretty.

Honestly, though, I’m just grateful to have a job. This is a great company and I feel fortunate to be a part of what’s going on here.

Thanksgiving was just fine. Got to see a lot of the family I haven’t seen in a while. With all the drama in my family, it’s always a little awkward. People are sort of fake, and don’t say what they’re really thinking, but perhaps that’s because they want the holidays to be a happy time. I wonder what’s better… a fake happiness, or no happiness at all.

Anyhow, no big dramas occurred this past Thanksgiving and all in all, things went off fairly well. Grandma sent me home with my normal portion of leftovers in cool-whip containers. There’s nothing like serving myself up some mashed potatoes and stuffing from her kitchen – yummy!

Otherwise life is just okay right now. Nothing special. No big catostrophies. Nothing really exciting. I seem to be a little restless, but maybe that’s just because I tend to be drawn to drama and there’s none of that going on right now. Just need to learn to be comfortable with the status quo.

There are a couple of guys on the prospective dating horizon, so we’ll see where that goes.

My sponsor tells me that I’ve still got a little over two months before I can even consider it, so I’m in no rush.