I found this photo while browsing through myspace.com tonight. Not something I normally do, btw, but I’m glad I did, or I never would have seen this thing!

Don’t you hate it when it gets really humid during summer in Minnesota and the mosquitos start attacking you in flocks and it’s so humid that even when a mosquito doesn’t land on you, you’re so paranoid that one is, and you feel a slight tingle from the humidity and you end up slapping any exposed skin over and over again? Gawd I hate that.

Had more drama with my mother tonight, and I was already crabby at work all day from the drama the past few nights. So what did I do? I went on a little shopping spree at Best Buy 🙂 I bought walkie-talkies and a new flash memory card for my digital camera, which equals more recent photos and spy games for me! Jim and I were walking / driving all over the best buy parking lot to try to see how far the range was on these babies when we started hearing the headsets from some Baby store. “clean up in isle 3”

Oh, speaking of the parking lot at best buy – Jim and I spotted a super-duper-hottie walking out as we were walking in. Blonde, tan skins, and bulging biceps exposed by a loose-fitting, though generously-exposing tanktop. I looked over and he looked over at us, so then we looked away. We looked back a moment later and he was doing the same thing. Then we looked away again. We played this game until we got to the entrance and he got to his car. If you’re reading this, hot stuff, write me! LOL

Anyway, it’s employee review time at the agency and I was supposed to have all six of the reviews I’ve been assigned turned in by 5:00 earlier today. I’m done with four and have to finish these up before I go crazy filling in questions like, “does this person contribute to the growth of the agency and the clients’ success? how so? please list examples” … and then followed by 49 similar questions. You see I’m very important so I have to do several. At least that’s what I keep telling myself 😉

Anyhow, toodles, and don’t forget, you are somebody!