I had a dream last night

I was at the Academy Awards with Catherine Zeta Jones and some other female star who I cannot remember. Catherine was totally cool, but somebody else was wearing the same dress and matching purse, so we walked across the street from the Kodak Theatre to Bloomies. (Except there is no Bloomies across the street, but in my dream there was). The store was closed, but they opened it up for us and we began going through the store looking for something new to wear.

I came across a shirt on a rack that I liked. I began to check the tag for materials, washing instructions, and most importantly, the price, when a large black man tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around to his massive arms bulging out of his shirt in my face and he told me I should think twice about buying the shirt because across the front, unbeknownst to me, were the words, “white supremacy”. how odd that Bloomies would carry such a shirt. I re-racked it and moved on.

Feeling a little frisky after my run-in with the large-armed black man, I asked one of the staffers where the men’s athletic section was. It was upstairs and they had to re-open that floor then, too. However, upon entering the 3rd floor I was then on, I didn’t find any athletic wear, just faux designer modern furniture classics. Why on earth would Bloomies carry a knock-off Eames lounge chair? I mean seriously.

It was at that point, I knew I was dreaming.

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