Dinner with the fam

Had an action packed day today …

1. Coffee and crosswords in the morning @ Spyhouse
2. Minnesober planning meeting
3. Dinner with the fam at Axel Bonfire
4. Sunday night meeting at the sober home

Dinner with my parents and brother was really nice. Prior to entering the program over a year ago, my relationship with all of them was quite poor. I was continually asking my Dad for money in shame, avoiding my mother, and competing with my brother. Today I’m paying my dad back, enjoy talking to him and my mother, and actually wish my brother the best.

The meeting tonight was really nice as well. We had a good converation about the meaning of spirituality and the different forms in manifests itself in different people. We’ve got an eclectric group of people who all have a slightly different take on things. What’s so beautiful is that people are able to change their lives based on many different belief systems and yet take their differing views and help others with their problems.

Anyway, it’s late and I don’t think I’m making sense anymore 🙂 Have a great night/morning/week/day!