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I’ve been a diehard PC user since I was four. I’ve used Mac’s here and there over the years, mostly in school and at the workplace. I’ve never felt totally comfortable with them. Either the software I need is available for the Mac or I feel like the options are too dumbed-down to make things plain enough for anyone to understand.

But this thing is different.

I appreciate design. Not so much in how something in appears, but in how an object, website or tool will combine asthetics, functionality, and maybe some innovation. When all of those things are combined, true art is achieved. The MacBook Air is the closest thing to true art that a computer can be at this time.

Another temptation that I’ve held out on is the iPhone. Initially I was hoping that Google would be releasing their rumored Google phone. When Android was announced as a platform instead of a phone, I was a bit disappointed, but the phones that the platform will pull to the market will be likely be spectacular and bring the mobile industry much farther than it has come in recent years.

Now I find myself wondering if I shouldn’t wait for an Android phone or the next-gen iPhone. In the meantime I’m stuck with my two year old Sanyo handset that gets spectacular reception, but not much else.


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  1. A lot of changes going on in you life Dan. It’s a big step to go out on you own. No matter how things work out, you are wise to give it a go and I’m sure with all of your experience and network, you should do just fine.
    Moving from a PC to iMac is not as big or bold a move. I recently purchased the 24″ iMac for my photography work. Mainly for the reasons you mentioned here as well as stability.
    As you may know, OS X Leopard is essentially a UNIX based OS. This makes it smart, efficient and stable. I’m sure your dad can tell you about that.
    Every day I discover something new and very cool I didn’t know about this machine. I don’t need a notebook for my work so I didn’t really look at the MacBook Air. There is a lot of media attention going for it right now. I wish I had it when I was training for GE on the road hauling my heavy Dell and InFocus projector through the airports. Now you could put both in a small portfolio.
    I’m not much into the iPhone or Blackberry but that too might have been something I could have used. If I recall correctly, Android was a Linux based phone. Now both Linux and OS X run on the same UNIX base. I’ve already downloaded UNIX/Linux based software like GIMP onto my iMac and they work great. There will be more and more open source software available as time goes on so the main complaint about Macs in general, the software cost, is now fading away.
    I’ll be interested to see how your Mac works out for you.

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