I grew up watching Dallas every Friday night, followed by Falcon Crest. Angela Channing was never quite as sinister as JR Ewing, so I usually fell asleep during the latter, with my parents dragging me to bed.

Even though I can’t imagine I understood much of the show, I always enjoyed watching the Ewings and the Barnes duke it out.

Today I’m blessed with the miracle of channel 46 – a.k.a. SoapNet. The months after I was laid off from my first job I saw the entire run of Knot’s Landing.

Tonight’s 11:00pm (central time) airing of the Dallas 2nd season finalle was another blessing – as the original viewing of the “Who Shot JR” episode was on the air when I was but one year old.

God, thank you for Dallas.

I was doing a little research and came across a wonderful site – UltimateDallas.com. It’s got everything Dallas-related you can ever want for. They even have video clips, including the JR shooting scene. And did you know? There’s talk of a Dallas film for the big screen by the show’s original creator, David Jacobs?!

Dallas Cast 1985
Where the fuck is Bobby???

JR & Sue Ellen.jpg
aw shuks – the happy couple

7 thoughts on “Dallas

  1. Based on thesize of Sue Ellen’s hair in the group shot I imagine that Bobby is dead, that is why he is not there. I am pretty sure that picture is from the notorious dream sequence season.

  2. I don’t think that pic is from the dream season, because that was the season that Donna Reed replaced Barbara Bel Geddes, who is shown in the photo.

    SoapNet is both a blessing and a curse. It enabled me to expand my suds habit from just Days to All My Children, and then more recently One Life to Live as well. I spend way too much of my weekend in front of that channel.

  3. Donna Reed was on the season prior to the Dream Season, which that picture does look like its from.

    I was in high school then and watched Dallas and Falcon Crest every Friday night. Dallas always went by quickly as it was enjoyable.

    I always thought they brought Bobby back in the dumbest way possible.

    For me it was Dynasty on ednesday, Knots Landing on Thursday, and Dallas & Falcon Crest on Friday.

    I started to lose interest in FC when they wrote Chase off the show.

  4. Unfortunately, my mom watched Dynasty, not Dallas. So I never got into the show. Heck, I lived in Houston, why would I want to see a show about that smaller city in Texas?

    Well, now I’m all grown up and I live in Dallas. I don’t have a cowboy hat. I don’t have a ranch. And I’ve never shot anyone…

    …but I’ve thought about it while in traffic.

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