I grew up watching Dallas every Friday night, followed by Falcon Crest. Angela Channing was never quite as sinister as JR Ewing, so I usually fell asleep during the latter, with my parents dragging me to bed.

Even though I can’t imagine I understood much of the show, I always enjoyed watching the Ewings and the Barnes duke it out.

Today I’m blessed with the miracle of channel 46 – a.k.a. SoapNet. The months after I was laid off from my first job I saw the entire run of Knot’s Landing.

Tonight’s 11:00pm (central time) airing of the Dallas 2nd season finalle was another blessing – as the original viewing of the “Who Shot JR” episode was on the air when I was but one year old.

God, thank you for Dallas.

I was doing a little research and came across a wonderful site – UltimateDallas.com. It’s got everything Dallas-related you can ever want for. They even have video clips, including the JR shooting scene. And did you know? There’s talk of a Dallas film for the big screen by the show’s original creator, David Jacobs?!

Dallas Cast 1985
Where the fuck is Bobby???

JR & Sue Ellen.jpg
aw shuks – the happy couple

7 thoughts on “Dallas

  1. Based on thesize of Sue Ellen’s hair in the group shot I imagine that Bobby is dead, that is why he is not there. I am pretty sure that picture is from the notorious dream sequence season.

  2. I don’t think that pic is from the dream season, because that was the season that Donna Reed replaced Barbara Bel Geddes, who is shown in the photo.

    SoapNet is both a blessing and a curse. It enabled me to expand my suds habit from just Days to All My Children, and then more recently One Life to Live as well. I spend way too much of my weekend in front of that channel.

  3. i remember a contest in junior high for the entire school to guess “who shot jr” … i picked sue ellen

  4. Donna Reed was on the season prior to the Dream Season, which that picture does look like its from.

    I was in high school then and watched Dallas and Falcon Crest every Friday night. Dallas always went by quickly as it was enjoyable.

    I always thought they brought Bobby back in the dumbest way possible.

    For me it was Dynasty on ednesday, Knots Landing on Thursday, and Dallas & Falcon Crest on Friday.

    I started to lose interest in FC when they wrote Chase off the show.

  5. Unfortunately, my mom watched Dynasty, not Dallas. So I never got into the show. Heck, I lived in Houston, why would I want to see a show about that smaller city in Texas?

    Well, now I’m all grown up and I live in Dallas. I don’t have a cowboy hat. I don’t have a ranch. And I’ve never shot anyone…

    …but I’ve thought about it while in traffic.

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