You’d think I would have learned my lesson after the last time my computer went kaput. In fact, I had. I setup a nightly syncing mechanism that would copy everything onto another drive on my home network. Then I started a sober house and the extra computer, and the hard drive space it included, went out the door – literally.

It was somewhat nerve wracking knowing that I was carrying around nearly my entire working life with me, but the thought that it might be destroyed was far from the forefront of my thoughts.

Well, it should have been. Friday evening my computer secumbed to some sort of virus-malware-spyware-eat-your-computer-ware that has brought my computer screeching to sloth-speed. I’ve run every single virus checker and spyware-booter I can find, and nothing has turned up an answer, or a problem for that matter, to what’s causing the problem.

Toshiba Satellite U305The weekend was spent trying to revive the dying Dell. Further frustrations nearly drove me off my rocker. Pulling my hair out I began to realize how addicted I am to my computer. I had no choice. I broke down and drove to Best Buy, credit card in hand.

The young homo sales boy was the most eager beaver on the sales floor, and all of my questions were answered with, “Oh certainly, sir.” and “This is the top of the line,” and “You won’t find anything better elsewhere.” After a few questions I realized he was doing nothing other than reading the cards on the shelf below the demo models, and (trying) to stroke my ego.

He kept trying to sell me on a laptop case and an $80 cordless mouse. As if!

My Book - Western Digital External Hard DriveThe Microsoft Office package I was hoping for cost $250, so I’m going to go open-source all the way for a while and see if I can’t stick it out without the needed hit to the credit card statement.

And this time I bought the accessory I should have bought years ago. The external hard drive backup. It’s cute, too 🙂

6 thoughts on “Computer Crash Hysteria

  1. ah I love my western digital mybook drive….I have been backing things up like crazy since I got it, and it’s very easy to unplug and throw in a fireproof safe until the next round of backups.

    the prices have really dropped on external drives…great deal, and WD is a superb brand.

  2. “I’m going to go open-source all the way for a while…”

    How’s this going? I’ve been using OpenOffice for many years and it’s quite good, though rather large (and I’m not saying that Micro$oft Offi¢e isn’t, LOL).

  3. Namenlosen – I’ve only used the word processor a couple of times, but have otherwise been using Google Docs a lot. I actually started using Google Docs a while back so that I could access certain files from any internet-connected computer to update spreadsheets, etc. I’ve found it to be great for simple tasks, but if I ever need to create a well-formatted document, I’ll likely use Open Office.

  4. Computers are becoming devices, which hold the sum of much person’s lives. If the hard drive dies or becomes destroyed today many of us sit around for days in a coma of fear realizing everything is GONE. I predict with in 5 years it will be a law to backup our hardrives in cyberspace bank vaults for information for reason #1 the government has a incredible desire to sift though our information and reason #2 if enough information is destroyed it will affect the economy.


  5. Get jungledisk, works on windows, *nix, and mac. Very inexpensive, low monthly charge, and you’ll lose your data if Amazon’s servers all explode and go nuts(won’t happen). This way you’re safe in case of a fire at your place.

  6. If I can at all avoid any sales reps at Best Buy, I will–partly for the reasons you mention. They have their marching orders when they step onto the floor. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when they’re getting their training–I can only imagine the “techniques” they’re taught on how to fire up customers to buy, buy, buy. 🙂

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