Clearing out the camera phone’s memory

Went to Bingo-a-go-go last night with Miss Richfield MCing. This was my second visit, so brought along my digital camera. Unfortunately I pulled it out once I arrived, only to find that I had left the battery in the charger at home. Oh well, it was a hoot anyhow – I’ll have to get pictures next time.

I whiped out my camera phone’s memory today, but uploaded all of the photos here. Partly to archive them, but partly to let everyone in on a little bit of my life.

I blogged a couple of weeks ago about the Dog Daze event we have at work – people bring their dogs into work, a groomer poofs them up, a photographer shoots them, and then there’s a short parade down Hennepin Avenue. Here’s a few of the leftover shots.

This dog didn’t care that it was smaller than most – it still humped every other dog in the office.


I awarded this dog the ‘looks most like a muskrat’ award. Of course I didn’t mention this to the owner.


Yes, even this harry mammoth got humped by the cute blue-collared Boston Terrier pictured above. Notice the pile-o-dog-shit in the lower right.


I’ve been known to bitch and complain about Jim’s cat. I can’t help but play with it, but it inevitably starts getting crazy and bites you. I have scars to prove it. But who could resist playing with something so cute?


Speaking of Jim – he got a new pair of boots on a recent trip to Chicago.


This is my good friend Julie. She’s a total doll. I used to work with her at the old agency. I miss her 🙁


My roommate and I are always giving each other shit about who’s made the biggest mess. No matter how big of a mess he’s left out, he’ll still bitch at me if I don’t put away my protein-shake glasses. He doesn’t like to look at them and insists that they begin to smell if left out too long. This morning I awoke to these in front of my keyboard:


The little notes read, “Please put me in the dishwasher”

I decided to get back at him by taking a photo of him sleeping. He hates when people see him when he’s not all dolled up. I imagine he’s also going to hate the crook he has in his neck when he awakes.


Notice his hair still looks impeccable.

And, just for good measure, here’s another shot of him after he was informed there was a large gaping hole in the rear of his pants. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, so he made a bee-line for the car.


2 thoughts on “Clearing out the camera phone’s memory

  1. Кто как думает, повлияет ли кризис на итернет? Я так подазреваю что безусловно, подвижки уже есть.И это очень печально(((

  2. Ты че бредиш? Какой кризис=) Нас это не каснется это там пендосы в своей америке пусть переживают. А интернет он независим от окружающего мира. Только вот будет ли а нас бапки чтоб его оплачивать вот другой вопрос))))

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