Okay, so maybe not an all-time low, but I sure haven’t seen it this low in a couple of years. I filled up tonight for $1.75 a gallon – and that was for premium. Regular was running $1.59.

Took the too-large (32″) TV back tonight and exchanged it for a more amicable 27″ – it fits much better in the space. Bigger isn’t always better.

Got through my sickness and depression that seemed to come with it, though it was about 10 degrees all day today and my throat seems to be feeling it. I’ve got my humidifier cranked on high tonight.

Did a lot of AA service work this weekend. It feels really great to be able to lend a hand. It almost seems automatic – I don’t have to make myself do it, it just seems to come naturally, but after looking back at the weekend I really feel good about myself. It’s only 11 days ’til Christmas and I haven’t even started shopping. Sometimes I can be the world’s worst procrastinator.