Today’s happenings

Strange day so far. Work is busy, but a few things have struck me:

Was driving into work today and spotted an older, heavier gentleman in the large Lincoln next to me at the stoplight. He was wearing a cowboy hat, sunglasses, light-colored suit, and white gloves made of lace!

Drove further down Hennepin and was at a stoplight next to a dumptruck. The phone number on the side of the truck read:


Made me laugh.

IKEA opens in 18 hours! I was debating when I’d actually go to the store, not wanting to get stuck in the rush of suburbanites sure to flock there. Then I realized that if I pass up Wednesday, the weekend will probably be just as bad. Then I realized that IKEA is always busy… so I think I’m just going to brave the crowd and go on Wednesday after work. It’s a beautiful 80 degrees in Minneapolis right now – no humidity and plenty of sunshine! LOVE it! Good weather makes me so happy 🙂

Oh, and lastly – there’s been this truck driving around downtown for the past few days. It looks like an oversized delivery truck, but not a semi. On the side of the truck it’s got a large billboard-sized ad about the Pro-Life stance on abortion. The first time I saw it I just rolled my eyes, but then it kept coming around! I’ve since heard rumors that it’s just an empty truck, used as an advertising medium, and that there are people on the streets talking to people about their cause as well. Yesch. Somebody should put a spike-strip out like they do on America’s Wildest Police Chases.