The girl who cheered too much

After The Today Show aired a clip of this girl, Jim told me about it.

How amazing, and strange, that she would continue to cheer after she had fractured her spine, sufferred a concusion and bruised her lung! She was back on the show this morning and Katie asked her what she was thinking. She replied with, “When I heard that fight song, I knew that I had to get the crowd riled up, and I didn’t want to cause a distraction to the other cheerleaders or the game.”

Honey, you were on a stretcher in the middle of the court, with 20 paramedics surrounding you. I don’t think you could avoid causing a distraction at that point.

The video can be found on MSN, and photos are below.

But on a more serious note, how genuine do you think the average cheerleader is? They smile all the time, but they’re taught to. Does the action of smiling produce genuine feelings of happiness? Or do they begin happy, and convey that with their smile?

6 thoughts on “The girl who cheered too much

  1. I had to immediately turn the channel when I saw this on the news, it totally freaked me out. I just do not get the heterosexual world.

  2. Good for her. Can’t see what heterosexuality has to do with it (!) but moving on…Cheerleader yes, but how many of us try and keep on going (whatever the circumstances) when disaster strikes? You can read it so many ways: attention seeker to the last, or someone determined not to let the side down. If she was a British premium football player she would have played it as being at death’s door.

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