Russian Disco Dancing

This may just be the funniest 3 minutes and 46 seconds I’ve ever experienced of Russian Disco Dancing, ever.

Right-click and select “Save Target As” if you’d like to download it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a 10mb Windows Media File for those of you on a dialup.

6 thoughts on “Russian Disco Dancing

  1. OH. MY. GOD!!! That was absolutely hysterical. The music sounded like something out of the Russian Revolution to a 70’s beat. When was that lesson made? Have they not figured out that we are living in 2005? And ladies, PLEASE!!! The makeup and the hair…WTF???

  2. That was a HOOT!
    Just one factual correction…it’s not Russian disco dancing. It’s Finnish. (How do I know? I lived in Finland for a year.)

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