Lake country

I found myself mapping a remote address in northern Minnesota today and came across two interesting lakes in the middle of nowhere.

Somebody was having some fun back in the day.

14 thoughts on “Lake country

  1. That’s awesome! It reminds me of driving northwest on I-94, just past Avon you cross a disgusting little waterway known as Middle Spunk Creek.

    Ah, to be a mapmaker with a gift for the double entendre. Even back in the day.

  2. Streets are fun, too!

    In Greensboro, NC, one street changes from Aycock to Lovett. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever been down on Aycock and Lovett…

    In a nearby town, Gibsonville, there’s a street that changes names three times: from Eugene to Little to Dick.

  3. I love Barry too. Although after seeing him three times I am quite bored with him. I did watch him on AI and thought his face lift looked amazing. If you go to Vegas, lemme know and I will be in the front row with you.

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