1000 bars in one year

So I find myself sitting in a coffee shop on Sunday night surfing Technorati for interesting things. Low and behold, I find a blog of a guy who labels himself “Bar Guy.” Bar Guy is on a mission to visit 1000 bars in one year, and he’s just about made it. Coincidentally, he’s visited the gay bar strip on Hennepin Ave. in Minneapolis. Here are a couple of his photos. Scary to see some of these places during the daylight hours.



6 thoughts on “1000 bars in one year

  1. I’ve heard rumors about the 90’s being sold, closed, etc for as long as I can remember. I don’t know if there’s any validity to them, but I know they put a bunch of money into bringing the building up to code after city inspectors shut them down for fire code violations last year. That would seem contrary to them closing. The only other thing is that there are developments in the area – maybe somebody’s made an offer on their land.

  2. (this is the 5th attempt at posting this comment)

    During the 5 years I lived in London, my goal was to drink a pint in all of its 11,000 pubs. Because I travelled extensively during those years, I only got around to about 2000 of them. It’s the thought that counts I guess.

  3. Ya know… I was on a random fall drive this weekend with a friend, and while passing through a TINY town called Grandy (the whole town was on one side of Hwy 65), I saw the Brass Rail’s northern branch, which apparently has “famous chicken”.

    Funny, the one in Minneapolis is known for an older crowd….

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