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Work shenanigans

05.14.2005 · Posted in Work

Every year the agency celebrates the fishing season opener with it’s own event – The Minnow Races!

Eight “Minnow Jockeys” are nominated to represent different areas of the agency. Employees are encouraged to don their fanciest hat in a Kentucky Derby-like show of support. Breaded and fried walleye is served with Minnesota staples like cole slaw and potatoe salad. It is a truly unique event. Unfortunately, during the 11th annual Minnow Race, weather forced us indoors – but fun was still had!

Pre-event bloody-mary’s, served in nothing but the finest styrafoam!

Lunch is served! Fried walleye, with all of the tartar sauce you can muster. Served with your beverage of choice: Diet coke, Bud light, or Mumms. Centerpiece is a goldfish in a bowl, bobber placed on top, surrounded by the bait – gummy worms.

The races begin! On your mark. Ready. Set. Go!

Posturing is encouraged.

One of the finest hats that made it to the race.

A very fine hat!

Post-race – goldfish centerpieces destined to a lifetime of misery amidst advertising silliness.

Many photos captured in the gallery.

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  1. Great Photos!

  2. keep coming back.

  3. Please oh please oh PLEASE can I work where you do?! That looks most entertaining.