Where did Dan go?

So work has been a little nuts lately. People have left, which leaves those remaining picking up some slack, which leaves scarce lunches, very little socializing, and generally a hectic workplace. I recently moved out of my old cube into an office a few floors up. Good news – the office offers a little more privacy and makes me feel somewhat valued. Bad news is that I miss my old working buddies. There was a gang of us within shoutting distance above the half-height walls. We’d go to lunch together. Gossip. Tell dirty (really dirty) jokes. And, of course, scream and cry when things didn’t go our way.

My new place is on the 5th floor. Between accounting and HR.

No longer can I tell dirty, inappropriate, sexist, and downright insulting jokes.

No longer can I scream and cry, for fear the CPAs down the hall lose their concentration and miscalculate what I’m sure is to be, a very large bonus for me this year.

I was downstairs visiting my buddies the other day and had to do a doubletake over at my old workspace. I’ve documented what I found here. I thought it was cute. They miss me!

7 thoughts on “Where did Dan go?

  1. Between accounting and HR?
    OMG!! man!!
    You may need to seek out some additional 12 step meetings. They tell dirty filthy jokes as well, but they just aren’t funny. Unless you’re one of them.

  2. I’ve been having exactly the same thoughts before! There is always this cycle happening between the gay and straight “worlds”. The gays come up with something new and fashionable so that we can identify ourselves. Then the straights catch on and start stealing those ideas. We then find our distinguishing mark fast disappearing, so we have to come up with something new again. Guess that’s nature’s way of ensuring that fashion is kept up to date all the time.

    I’ve been wanting to attend the MCC over here in Brisbane. Just never got around to doing it. Perhaps I just need that extra kick in the butt. Haven’t stepped into a church since coming out, which is kinda sad.

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