A busy Monday has flown by. I’m just finishing up work at 1:00am.

BUT … I did get to the gym today! I’ve sort of fallen off the bandwagon lately, so I’m trying desperately to get back on it.

Does anyone in your office like to hop on other folks computers when they’re not around and broadcast company-wide emails in an effort to embarass the poor person who isn’t at their desk? I’ve had the luck to be in offices over the past few years where this is a common occurance. Today, this nifty new product was claimed as the email sender’s prized possesion:

The caption reads:

Toto’s Sound Princess, available on the Japanese website seiketu.co.jp, is a new devise that plays noises to cover up embarrassing bathroom sounds. it’s a watered-down version of a similarly tricked-out Japanese toilet gizmo.