Public Service Announcement

I’d like to think that I have a right to be a little shocked at my experience in the men’s room at work yesterday. As I was standing at the urinal, minding my own Christian business, I heard a strange sound coming from an occupied stall.

No, it’s not what you’re thinking. There were no strange vibrations, flatulence, or moans emanating. Instead, it was a strange tapping.

Continuing to mind my own Christian business I strained to catch a little more of the sound, trying to figure out what on earth it could be.

The tapping was inconsistent. It would come in spurts with a bunch of rapid tapping, then nothing for a while. Then maybe one or two taps. Then another spurt. Whatever it was, it wasn’t natural.

I finished minding my own Christian business, zipped up and proceeded to the sink. That’s when the truth was revealed. A man exited the stall carrying a laptop computer.

This is a public service announcement reminding you to stay away from keyboards that are not your own. Or, if you must, bring a can of Lysol to disinfect prior to doing your own tapping.

12 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

  1. OMFG … I hate it when people are having a cell phone call in the stall let alone in there with their laptops. That’s just CRAZY. Seriously no amount of work is that important to take a laptop into the bathroom stall with you. You do have every right to be shocked.

  2. I work in the technology and the Asians have a strange habit of carrying on conversations between the stall walls. Even 3-way conversations, in Chinese. LOL

  3. I am sorry, but taking a laptop with you their, in my opinion, is just wrong. I agree with a previous commenter, the cell phone users are even bad. He must have been under one hell of a deadline.

  4. it’s totally irrational to be grossed out by keyboards…if you actually TOUCH DOORKNOBS. The immune system is like a muscle…it needs exercise too. As long as someone isn’t too Howard Hughes to open doors with their bare hands… they shouldn’t be a big pussy about keyboards. Germs are everywhere, life is dirty, you don’t need to wear a cup…. or gloves.

  5. (“Pecker head”–that was brilliant, Dave.)

    This sort of multi-tasking absolutely baffles me. I don’t even understand the point of keeping magazines in the bathroom…shouldn’t you simply just do your business and get out? Why on earth do people need to work or entertain themselves at the same time? It would be like trying to read the newspaper while brushing your teeth; yes, it could be done, but why bother?

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