My first meeting with the new intern

We’ve got a new intern who started on Monday. She’s a really nice girl who’s just out of school and wants to make it big in the industry.

Being that I’m completely slammed, I shot my hand up when asked if I had anything that might be good for her to work on.

A short while later I met her in a conference room with the documents I intended to pass off to her. She was wearing a really nice knit zip-up sweater that she must have gotten for Christmas, as I’m sure she can’t afford much on her measley intern pay rate.

Coffee in hand, and sort of on an energy kick with all that’s going on today, I sat down right next to her.

I began going through the project, explaining a little bit about the client, the background of the project, the politics, etc, and then took a drink of my coffee.

As I was on an energy high, I took too big of a swig and felt the sudden urge to cough. Picture me, though – I’m facing her as I’m drinking, not two feet from her face. All of a sudden the urge became a reality and I coughed coffee all over her white sweater! I tried to aim my head to the side, but ended up just doing a wide-angled spray and getting even more of her.

I was completely embarassed and ran to the kitchen for paper towels. I came back and she was just sitting there, continuing to read through the documents I had brought.

I was still in a state of shock at my earlier blunder, so I cleaned up the coffee on the chair, table and floor. Then I went back to the documents and realized that she was still just sitting there. She must have been frozen in a state of shock, too, but was too nervous, being so new with the agency, that she wasn’t going to clean it up!

The poor girl. Gawd, do I feel awful! I told her to go get herself cleaned up, and we continued the meeting when she was finished.