Just another lunch …

I was out to lunch with a coworker a few weeks back at a joint across the street that many of us frequent because of its proximity to the office.

Another group of four coworkers joined us and ordered this HUGE mini-keg of ale.


Then they finished that one up and ordered another one.

I obstained, but I recall a time not very long ago when I wouldn’t have been able to. I used to enjoy Friday lunches boozing around downtown. Of course I’d head back to the office a couple hours after I’d left with such a buzz I wasn’t very productive for the rest of the day … that is, until Happy Hour came around around 4:00 and I’d turn into quite the social-productive-butterfly.

Until next time, America. (Don’t ask me why I’ve got that dorky Maury Povich ‘A Current Affair’ signoff in my head … because I don’t know!)