An afternoon at the Rodeo

After some very long hours at work this week, we shut down at 2:00 in the afternoon on Thursday for our company “summer picnic.” This year’s picnic was themed The Rodeo – Keep Yer Ass in the Saddle.

The company brought in some sort of vendor that puts on Rodeos and we had a blast! Lassoeing lessons, a live band that did some awesome covers (Elton John’s Benny & The Jets was awesome – some of the country stuff, not so much), a pig roast, several kegs, Chicken Shit Bingo, and the highlight of the event – a mechanical bull.

This is a shot of me on the bull. It was the best action shot, but didn’t turn out so well, so I played with it so you could at least see the expression on my face.

I was one of the first people to jump on. I was a little leary after I was made to sign not one, but TWO waivers, but proceeded to mount the bull anyhow. I wasn’t on it more than 10 seconds before I was whipped off, but it was fun while it lasted.

Shortly after I had my go at it, several ladies gave it a shot and I was astonished to find out that the operator was taking it slow with them! I approached him about his sexist mechanical bull operating procedures and was met with a toothy grin response: “I don’t want to watch guys – I like the little ladies!”

Well I’ll be damned!

Chicken Shit Bingo was the other highlight of the afternoon. A 10′ x 10′ poster was printed out with every employees photo placed on a grid. On top of that was constructed a chicken coop. Three chickens were tossed in (literally – they didn’t seem to want to go), and then fed. I don’t know what it is about chickens, but supposedly once they start eating they’ll begin shitting shortly thereafter. We had to wait about 20 minutes, but the chickens started to shit. The crowd gathered round would oooh and ahhh in anticipating if one of the chickens squatted as if it may be preparing to eject a bowl movement, and finally, one of the chickens shat on the lucky winner – a designer who subsequently received an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas. I guess it pays to get shit on.

This cowboy was helping us out with the chickens, demonstrating his talents with the lasso, and enjoying himself along with the rest of us. When he spied me taking photos of the bull riders he asked me if I would take a few shots of him for his profile. I obliged and emailed the photos to him just this morning. I hope he finds a nice lady friend.

More photos in the gallery of various coworkers being thrown from the bull.

I took off a little early and headed up to the Albertville outlet mall about 30 minutes north of the cities with a buddy. I am a 100% addict – and that includes shopping, too. I couldn’t help but spend money in every store we entered. Two new pairs of Puma’s, some fun clogs and a shirt for the roomie at Beneton, new towels at Ralph Loren, and a sporty suit jacket and leather flip-flops with elastic bands for that click-clack sound at Banana.

The weekend is supposed to be hot (97 frick’n degrees) and humid, with a chance of thunderstorms. I LOVE thunderstorms, so cross your fingers for me.

10 thoughts on “An afternoon at the Rodeo

  1. Ride ’em cowboy! Sounds like a helluva lotta fun. Your company picnics are WAY better than any I’ve even been to.

    Great pics!

  2. What a hoot! I definitely see that wayward ‘go west, young man’ look in your face..or is that “Get me the f*ck off this thing!” Nice place to work. Chicken shit bingo rocks! BTW: I adore shoes that make that ‘click clack’ sound. Yep.

  3. That sounds like such a great event. Nice to work at such an appreciative place, huh? I guess those are the perks of working in a creative industry. Over here in healthcare all we get are free cancer screenings and the like. Important, yes. Fun, not so much.

    Catch you later.

  4. Enjoyed this series of pics; I’ve never managed to make it to a rodeo (missed the gay rodeo in Denver by a week, sigh) and living in the U.K. doesn’t help all that much either. Perhaps next time.

  5. Looks like you are getting ready for a trip to TEXAS! yeee-haaaw! If you do make it, I can take ya’ll to a real-live gay Country & Western bar with dance floor. YOu can two-step the night away. But, you will have to wear boots on the bull, not flip-flops. lol

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