A new pitch tactic

Ad agencies generally acquire new clients in one of two ways. Either the execs are in good through some networked relationship and the business is simply handed to them, or they go through a traditional pitch process, by which a review is conducted. A review starts with an request for proposal (RFP) being sent to several agencies. There are then 3 or 4 rounds of review, each resulting in agencies being disqualified, and finally ending with an agency being awarded the business.

Agency.com, an interactive shop with offices around the country, and a couple overseas, was pitching business from Subway – a client who in the past decade or so has gone through ad agencies every one or two years. Yet they have a lot of money, and agencies who pitch them hope to be the one who can hold onto the business, leda them in their thinking, and “do good work.” As part of their spec creative, Agency.com created videos of their pitch process and posted them on the latest user-generated-content site – youtube.com. It’s never been done before and has taken the industry a little by surprise.

And now they’ve pulled out of the pitch. Bummer that they wasted such a cool tactic on an account they’re now no longer chasing.

Check out the video.

And read the blog that’s been documenting the buzz around the work.

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