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First night in San Marcos La Laguna

07.01.2010 · Posted in Travel

Exhausted and falling asleep so I’ve got only a few snapshots.

  • Cinderblock, corrugated steel and exposed wood seem to make up the primary building materials
  • Stray dogs – many of them with a gimpy leg
  • Rain and fog in the mountains
  • Beautiful views from mountainside roads crumbling over vertigo-inducing heights
  • Sinkholes
  • Beetles
  • BIG spiders
  • Four classes of people in the lakeside villages: the indigenous, the modern world-embracing locals, resident gringos, and tourists
  • Buses crammed with people
  • Lots of motorcycles

I’m staying at a nice home near the lake and am accompanied by a yellow lab and a black lab – pets of the owner. They’re both very sweet dogs, but at least one of them is emitting the “silent but deadly” variety.

More tomorrow. Activities dependent on the weather.

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