The Friendster Phenomenon


I love friendster. I haven’t always felt this way. The service struggled with slow servers, timeouts, and errors for a couple of years. Now they seem to have finally gotten their act together and put together a quality product. It’s getting better all the time. My rommmate only has a computer setup so he can check his Friendster account. He gets hot and bothered when nobody has left him a message. It’s an addiction.

I love how it pulls in the RSS feed from my blog so that the four most recent entries come right up when viewing my profile. It gives people a peek at a side of me they might not otherwise come across.

It tells me what folks in my network have been searching for. I have some slightly disturbing friends. Their popular searches consist of:

Louis Vuitton

It gives me my daily forecast. What Friendster doesn’t know is that I’m never “in the mood for anything that even remotely resembles reality.” At least it’s got my right for today 😉 If it could just help me out with that backup plan.

I mean, who couldn’t love Friendster? If you’re not online, give it a shot.

4 thoughts on “The Friendster Phenomenon

  1. I’m probably just stupid, but I can’t figure out how to get my blog stuff on Friendster. If I go on again, I’ll search for you. I think my name on there is Kiddo78 or maybe Kiddo78MN. I’m kinda dumb about it…hey, I went to Winona State, so don’t blame me!

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