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This is really freaking cool:

Google caches the web already, and they’ve got amazingly good net connections with amazingly fast web servers. Now you too can harness the POWER OF GOOGLE! By installing this browser plug-in you can access pages through Google’s cache instead of from the server the site your browsing is served from.

“But what about pages that update frequently?” you ask. Ahhah – Google’s got a solution! It caches the specific parts of the page that don’t change, but if part of the page has changed, you’ll get the updated version of that piece from the original server.

Even more amazing – it creates it’s own index of frequently viewed pages on popular websites. When you visit a popular website, it will start caching the most popular pages on that website onto your computer in the background. That way, in the likely event that you visit some of the most popular pages of the website, you’re viewing it from your own hard drive – it doesn’t get any faster than that.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so why in the HECK is Google doing this for FREE? Well, it’s so they can monitor browsing habits and continue to enhance their ever-perfect search indexes and sell advertising.

Who cares? Live a little. Let Google see your browsing habits and browse the net at Warp-google.

Works with MSIE 5.5+ and Firefox 1.0+. Mac users, you’re SOL.

14 thoughts on “Google Web Accelerator

  1. Mads – actually, no, this actually works out cheaper for webhosts because surfers will be accessing Google’s cached version of the site (unless the website has been updated). That way they never even hit the website’s host, and thus, less bandwidth is eaten up. This is all at the expense of Google.

  2. Actually, there is quite a security/privacy risk with this. The pages are cached on their server, which includes webmail and other personal information. I had it installed, however, it’s not worth my privacy for a millisecond of acceleration on my broadband connection.
    Here’s a good article regarding this:

  3. Jamie – SOL = Shit Outta Luck

    Actually, All – I uninstalled this program last night. It was causing too many login errors with site I regularly log in to. It also didn’t appear to always refresh content that was new – I was seeing the old cached version. And it also sorta creeped me out that they’d be mining my surfing behavoirs.

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