Up and running

Double mirrorsThe house is finally up and running. There are three residents at the moment, with hopefully more coming soon. A few furniture items still needed, but for the most part, things are becoming quite homey. We had our first emergency at the house this morning – the plumbing backed up with both toilets filled to the rim with, well, you get the idea. Thank gawd for Roto Rooter.

Hopefully life will be returning to normal from here on out.

Check out additional photos in the gallery.

11 thoughts on “Up and running

  1. Very nice, Dan. It looks quite – airy (if that’s a word).
    Backed up plumbing is a good omen. It means that things will never get shittier than this. Smooth sailing from here on out. (yeah, right)

    Good to see ya back, I’ve missed you.

  2. Congratulations Dan! Your new home looks great! Once again, good job on getting a new sober house up and running. I know that there will be many challenges ahead but I’ve got to believe the journey itself with the new residents will be more than rewarding. 🙂 Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help out as things come up.

  3. Dan, the house looks great. I pray that the problem you had is the biggest problem you face in your house. You are doing great work, thank you.

  4. Kudos to you for taking Park Ave House from idea to reality. It looks great.
    I must say though, you midwesterners are a hearty bunch, what with sleeping on plywood and all. Glad the pioneer spirit is alive and well!

  5. Looks nice, Dan. I was by this house Tuesday night. I saw someone looking out the window as they talked on the phone and I stared at him to figure out if it was you. Except it wasn’t… He probably thought I was odd.

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