Surprisingly good mood

Went to an NA meeting tonight. This meeting has an open discussion during the latter half and I was thinking about what I might say on my way over there. It occurred to me that it’s been a pretty busy week, and I’m surprised I’m handling it as well as I am.

My mother was admitted to the hospital, my roommate might be leaving for new york…. hell, what am I bitching about. It could be soooo much worse. I’m handling everything well because there’s not that much to handle. Yesch, I can be such a pitty-party.

Life is grand. I had an action-packed day today! Got up early at 6:30, drove a friend to work, went for coffee at SpyHouse, did my crosswords, visited with a good friend and his toddler son, went to lunch at the Wilde Roast, laid out for a couple of hours and went for a swim up at the pool, visited my mother in the hospital, went to the gym, went to dinner, went to the meeting, and then finished up watching Die Mommie Die at a friend’s place. Getting ready for bed now 🙂

I finished my book – anyone have any suggestions for my next read? Lately I’ve been reading memoirs/autobiographies and books on recovery. Sorta want to check out what this whole Tao thing is about, too.