Spiritually drained

Minnesober is finally over with. I’ll post more photos as soon as I have some time to grab them off of my camera. It was a good experience. Attendance was record-high and we got lot-so-kudos on the food. When I wasn’t running around trying to help things run smoothly I had the opportunity to attend a few workshops and listen to the speakers. It was a really great experience overall and I got to meet some cool new people.

The food prep area

One of the dishes

I feel like this huge responsibility has been removed from me … perhaps that’s because it has. Now I’ve got to get back to some of the real-life chores I’ve been neglecting – like cleaning the house, paying bills, etc. Also have to finish up my 4th step. My sponsor insists that it’s complete by Saturday, and I’ve dragged it out so long that I’ve had time to add new resentments that I now have to go back and revise the previously-completed parts of the step! Also need to get in touch with my parents. They’ve been making several trips out of town, and I’ve been busy with life – I think we miss each other.

Otherwise, fall is actually here now – there’s no denying the cold nights and overcast days any longer. The leaves are changing and there’s no going back. It’s really sort of a bummer, well I suppose it always is… but winter can be fun too. Scary at the same time, though, as winter generally brings less-happy times for me. SAD is such an awful things – maybe I should look into investing in those happy lights!