I finished my 5th, 6th and 7th step on Saturday. It only took 4 hours. I guess some steps are more involved than others. Been whining lately about not having enough ‘me’ time. Maybe not outwardly, but I’ve definately had that mindset. Then it occurred to me – maybe I’m not supposed to have that much ‘me’ time – afterall, that’s part of what lead me to treatment. I’m just going to concentrate on being grateful today.

The FMA didn’t pass in the senate – woohoo!!! I’m so happy I could just dance!

That focker Coleman
voted for it. HRC just sent me the following email:

Dear Dan,

We did it! Just moments ago, the Federal Marriage Amendment lost in the Senate by a stunning, bipartisan vote of 50-48. We won this historic victory for two reasons:

First, because the politics of division don’t work, and second: the votes were on our side.

But the real reason we won is this: You. You and every fair-minded American, gay or straight, who called, e-mailed, faxed, visited, tracked down, and otherwise urged your Senators not to write discrimination into the Constitution.

Thank you.

This amazing moment belongs to all of us. Please, share this victory with all the friends and family you talked into fighting with us. We join in celebration with each of you. The campaign to defeat this amendment has been a top priority for HRC and with your amazing efforts over the course of many months, today we won this round of the fight. Thank you – again.

What’s next:

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t remind you that it’s not over. Our ultra-conservative opponents are determined to spread their discriminatory agenda across the country. Fasten your seatbelts, my friends, because the months ahead are going to be challenging indeed:

Next week, the House will take up the issue of marriage equality as well. Expect a fight. Expect vicious words and fierce debate. And expect to speak up, loud and clear, once more.

During the next three months, no fewer than 11 states – and possibly 13 – are facing ballot initiatives to write discrimination into their state constitutions. HRC will fight these initiatives shoulder to shoulder with state and local GLBT leaders. We’ll let you know how you can help. And of course – like you, we will be actively working to stop discrimination at the source by electing equality-minded legislators around the country. We’re glad to know you will be with us in that battle, too. All of this work starts tomorrow.

For today, I will take a moment to appreciate this hard-won victory. I hope you’ll join me.

Many, many thanks for all you have done.

Cheryl A. Jacques
Human Rights Campaign President

P.S. For all the details about this important vote, please visit our web site: http://www.hrc.org To see how your Senators voted, please click here to visit the Senate website – the vote was Roll Call Vote 155.