Long day, but I’m grateful to be here!

I had a really long day yesterday. Work included an all-day meeting with a new vendor we’re working with. I ducked out when I could to actually work, but still ended up leaving the office with a to-do list a mile long.

My mother called me on my way home. She wasn’t doing well and thought she might need to be hospitalized for mental illness. I told her to call the hospital and I’d call her after my AA meeting. By the time I got out of the meeting she had called twice. I went to the house. She was sitting on the bed crying. It’s a terrible thing to see your mother cry – really touches you in a place that nothing else really can. I remember the first time I had seen my mother cry – I was about 12 years old and had never witnessed it before. I didn’t know how to react. My mom and dad had made the decision to put their dog of 17 years to sleep. She didn’t cry again until many years later when she had her nervous breakdown, which was, I think about 5 years ago now. Lately the crying has become a little more commonplace, but it still gets you right there. We went to the hospital, checked her in through the ER, which, BTW, included no Noah Wyle look-alikes. I waited around for about 30 minutes and she was taken upstairs. I left.

Went to Jim’s house and hung out with him and Frank for a short while. It’s nice to know I’ve got friends I can count on now. When I got home my roommate was in a stressed out mood. He’d just gotten back from a week in New York and I hadn’t really had a chance to talk to him since his return.

Small talk ensued; I told him about the situation with my mother, and then BAM – he tells me his company is offering him a promotion, double the salary, all moving expenses and a huge bonus to move out to new york. I’m very happy for him, but I LOVE this guy to death. We’re best friends. Just this last week while he was traveling I became depressed. I’ve depended on him in the past and vice versa. I would miss him A LOT. If he moved, I’d also have to find a new roommate (or two). At the same time, this is an incredible opportunity for him. He said he hasn’t made any decisions yet, but I’m worried.

Things could be worse. In fact, they have been. Six months ago I would have been at the bar last night and would still be in bed as I write this. I most likely would have lost my job by now. Wouldn’t have the friends that I do. So, for that, I am grateful to be here 🙂