Okay, so I’m house sitting for a couple of weeks, and this morning, my first morning with the dogs, I wake up, feed them breakfast, and they puke ALL OVER. I didn’t know little dogs could puke so much! It’s like having a baby around that pukes up after every meal. YUCKY. I think it has something to do with the fact that these dogs get green beans on top of every meal. I may have put too much on, and on top of that, the younger dog ate all of his AND the older dog’s green beans. I’ll say again – YUCKY.

They’re super fun dogs though. The younger one even sleeps with me! I feel so domestic – house in south Minneapolis, garage, hot tub, dogs, an alarm system. I can’t wait until I grow up – this is going to be fun!

I’m still cracking away at work. Things are going really well here, and I’ve been handed a ton of work, so I’m busy now. The first couple of days were pretty slow – client and team members were out of the office, so I was just sorta soaking things in the first couple of days.

At my step meeting last night we talked about the 11th step, which speaks about improving your relationship with God (as you understand him). I really am thankful that I fell into AA (literally tumbled through the treatment center doors with shopping bags in my hands). I always remember having a relationship with God growing up. Sorta helped me through my ‘realizing I was gay’ process. Then, when I came out of the closet at 18, and was having fun, I think I felt like I didn’t need that relationship with God anymore. Maybe not that I didn’t need it, but more that I didn’t depend on it as much any more. That’s when the partying began, and my downward spiral started to spin. My soul emptied.

Now, through the program, I’ve been able to fill that soul back up again – my relationship with God is expanding all the time. My recent period of unemployment was fine. I kept busy and had faith that God would put things in place for me. It happened – I’m working and happier now than I was before. Amen. hehehe – done with my sermon for the day 🙂