… and I am Somebody male. in my thirties. recovering alcoholic. live in minneapolis. work in progress. gay. serenity please.

A new pitch tactic

08.26.2006 · Posted in Work

Ad agencies generally acquire new clients in one of two ways. Either the execs are in good through some networked relationship and the business is simply handed to them, or they go through a traditional pitch process, by which a review is conducted. A review starts with an request for proposal (RFP) being sent to several agencies. There are then 3 or 4 rounds of review, each resulting in agencies being disqualified, and finally ending with an agency being awarded the business.

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JT is back

08.25.2006 · Posted in Entertainment, Work

And I love viral marketing. JT himself sent me this email asking me to post this in my blog. Can you stand it?

Okay – so maybe JT doesn’t know how to code very well. He’s still hot!

Boom Boom no more?

08.11.2006 · Posted in In the news

Being in recovery, one might think it’s strange that I’m writing about such an odd topic, but I’m an odd person – I’m allowed.

If you’re gay and you’ve spent any time in Southern California, God help you if you haven’t visited the Boom Boom Room – Laguna Beach’s original gay bar.

In a former life I spent my share of evenings whooping it up at the Boom. There were always a mix of a few locals and many out of towners who all had one thing in common – a degree of “nice” you don’t usually find in a gay bar – especially a gay bar in South Cali. The bar was a guaranteed good time, every time.

Nearly a year ago, a developer purchased the property that houses the Boom. He’s intending to close the bar and turning the building into a botique hotel – ending a 60 year run as the west coast’s longest established gay bar. An organization has been formed, a petition is making the rounds, and a website launched to cover the efforts being made to Save the Boom.

If you’ve ever spent time at the Boom, considering sending a letter to the city council and letting them know about the good times you’ve had in their city.


Understatement of the week

07.31.2006 · Posted in Friends, Home / Minneapolis, In the news, Recovery

It’s official – we’ve hit 100 degrees for the first time in 11 years. Can it be over now? I’m tired of stepping foot outside and instantly sweating! I’d take 40 below any day of the week.

But honestly, I should really have something better to talk about than the weather, but I don’t. Life is pretty good right now. The house is going well. Recovery is going well. Have been getting back to the gym lately, too.

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Meryl Is My New Hero

07.24.2006 · Posted in Entertainment

Saw The Devil Wears Prada this past weekend and absolutely loved it! My favorite line from the film had to be Emily at the hospital: “You don’t deserve those clothes – you eat carbs!” Definately going to have to check out the book now.

I must admit that I’m not on the up and up on Meryl Streep’s previous work, but I’ve never seen her so sassy before and I like it!

You look like the 4th of July

07.03.2006 · Posted in Recovery

… makes me want a hotdog. Real bad!

If you remember seeing the trailer for Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, & Blonde, you know what I’m referring to. Unfortunately, the trailer contained the best line in the film.

In honor of Independence Day, we threw a BBQ / Smores Get-together last night at the house to celebrate and break in the new patio recently laid. While I didn’t get any photos of the patio, there were a few snapshots taken. Including a celebrity sighting of two of our favorite drag queens, out of drag.

Remaining photos in the gallery.

I had a dream last night

06.30.2006 · Posted in Autobiographical

I was at the Academy Awards with Catherine Zeta Jones and some other female star who I cannot remember. Catherine was totally cool, but somebody else was wearing the same dress and matching purse, so we walked across the street from the Kodak Theatre to Bloomies. (Except there is no Bloomies across the street, but in my dream there was). The store was closed, but they opened it up for us and we began going through the store looking for something new to wear.

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Is it worth it?

03.26.2006 · Posted in Recovery

How many relationships end up “happily ever after” or even on amicable terms? From my experience, it takes many attempts before something eventually works out.

Recently I’ve seen a few relationships go sour. The pain these folks are now in seems almost unbearable. Depression and feelings of little self-worth exude themselves while in their presence.

If so few relationships work out, why do people continually seek them out? The risk factor going into them seems so high, the potential for success so low.

In recovery, I’ve often seen newcomers (people young in their recovery journey) latch onto prospective partners. If even a nibble is bitten off the line, they reel ’em in and hold on for all life’s worth. It seems a little unfortunate on a few levels.

One, often times people who suffer from addiction will replace their drugs with a relationship. They become so immersed in it that they cannot see their lives without the other person. It’s the same co-dependent relationship they had with their drugs.

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