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Ads by Google

04.17.2007 · Posted in Absurdity, Technology

I’m a self-proclaimed google geek. The technologies and innovations they develop are simple, yet useful. I love them. However, I’m not quite sure what prompted this ad to appear on my website.

Ads by Google
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YouTube Fun

04.16.2007 · Posted in Absurdity

Two videos came across my email box today:

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Yardwork and Bonfires

04.15.2007 · Posted in Autobiographical

Yesterday was filled with errands. Today was yard work, gardening, getting out the hose, replanting a tree – it was all very glamorous. The folks at Park Ave grilled burgers and hot dogs, we had the house meeting and finished the evening off with a bonfire and ice cream (we forgot to buy the ingredients for smores).

There’s something about working in the yard that brings me so much serenity, peace, and joy. I’m not sure if it’s the simple fact that you’re doing something to keep yourself busy, and while doing it, you’re in the sun… or if it’s something more – that you’re creating life, nurturing saplings, and fostering growth.

Same thing goes for outdoor fires. It seems that some of my most interesting and heartfelt conversations have arisen around campfires. The temperature after sundown tonight was round 55 degrees – just cool enough to really appreciate the fire that warmed me while the flames and embers kept me memorized.


04.11.2007 · Posted in Work

I have goo days and bad days at the office. I really just need to be grateful that I work where I do – we get to do fun things like this.

See the rest of ’em at www.MessinWithSasquatch.com.

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All I ever wanted

04.09.2007 · Posted in Autobiographical

Was to be a Kenwood Housewife.

Okay, so I stole the line from a personals ad that used to run in Lavender Magazine over and over again until it had either a) overrun it’s welcome, or b) been fulfilled.

I imagine my day would begin with me awaking to my alarm, the husband out of town on some important business trip. It’s 7:00. Instead I have the two little ones – some docile breed of terrier or miniature species, no doubt. They lick my face and fight over me to let them out.

The sun is flowing in through the wooden blinds. My room is bright white. The comforter, the carpet, the walls, the furniture (with polished nickel accents). I all but hop out of bed in eager anticipation of exciting happenings the day is sure to bring. Tinkle stop in the bathroom – twin urinals installed with light-sensing flushing systems. Why doesn’t everyone have these? Does anyone really want to touch their toilet?

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Vanilla Ice – a Star?

04.09.2007 · Posted in Absurdity

ice banner
I’ve seen this banner all over myspace lately. I can’t pull myself past that imaginary line to actually click on it. Questions arise – what sort of company would associate themselves with this guy? And furthermore, what sort of person would actually want to date him? I fear that the answer to this last self-posed question is “exactly the type of person using myspace.” Moi? Exactly. I think I just talked myself into going to click on that banner to figure out what the hell these people are promoting!

I mean just think! Who else do you know that was able to come out of the late eighties / early nineties as a white suburban rap star with hair like he did? With roots in Motocross, he was the first white rapper to release a platinum album. His early rise to celebrity status came quickly after the release of his debut album, after which he landed a performing role in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze, modeled some print campaigns for Nike – hell, he was even voted one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World by People Magazine in 1991. (Put that last one in your pocket for the next Trivial Pursuit edition).

After a long hiatus back in the Motocross biz, releasing a couple of albums, spending some time flat-lining while overdosing on illicit substances, Ice made his return on The Surreal Life, VH1’s series featuring the likes of Charo, Flavor Flav, Ron Jeremy and Dave Coulier.

Okay, so I know a little bit about Vanilla Ice, and maybe, just maybe I would like to pick his brain over dinner. Sue me. Who else can honestly say that they’ve performed with Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo, and Michaelangelo? The bragging rights and the stories to tell alone would be worth it… sorta like that time I touched Gillian Anderson’s boobs.

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Easter and whatnot

04.08.2007 · Posted in Autobiographical, Recovery

It’s Easter today. I’m well. Life is good. Let’s see … since regular postings much has happened. There are now 2 sober homes for the gays and they continue to succeed. Success meaning the bills get paid and people are getting and staying sober. I pray it continues.

Work has been going well. I’ve recently been promoted to a new position in which I do more of the stuff I like to do and less of the stuff I don’t like.

Today the Parkettes are gathering, inviting friends, making tons-o-food, and thankfully, doing a little spring cleaning.

I continue to try to live each day being grateful.

Yes, I’ve been slacking

01.04.2007 · Posted in Autobiographical

This blog has fallen to the bottom of my priority list. While I used to enjoy writing regularly, other things in my life have come to take its place. Not sure how often, or if I will continue to update it.

Interestingly, I was contacted by a reporter from the Strib. He wrote an article on slacking bloggers. Because the Strib doesn’t archive articles, I’ve reposted it here.

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