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God Rest Your Soul, Tammy Faye

07.22.2007 · Posted in In the news

Tammy Faye Bakker died Friday after a decade-long battle with Cancer. She was 65. After a lifetime of helping people and years of public ridicule and shame, she continued to put a smile on her face and mascara on her eyes at all times. A spectacular ability to stay positive in light of arduous circumstances, she had faith that a higher power would see her through. I hope she’s finally at peace.

Tammy Faye Tammy Faye Tammy Faye Tammy Faye

A visit to www.tammyfaye.com this morning yielded only a simple, yet ironic message:


Pride, 2007

06.23.2007 · Posted in Autobiographical, Travel

The Twin Cities Gay Pride festival kicks off in Loring Park today, and I’m sitting in a stranger’s cabin, on a lake I don’t know the name of, somewhere between Backus and Hackensack in Northern Minnesota – three hours from home, and three miles from any pavement.

I love it.

My Southern friend Stuart and myself drove up here for the weekend. And by Southern, I mean Texas, not Albert Lea. We arrived around 10:30 last night and he couldn’t wait to go fishing. “Night fishing,” he explained, “was the best.” Five minutes later, after losing one lure to a battle with seaweed and having nearly been carried away by mosquitoes, he gave up. We retreated to the house.

This place reminds me very much of the house I grew up in. There’s a lake down the hill, a dock, a boat. The decor is “country cottage” except there are a few amenities here that I didn’t expect. Like air conditioning. And wireless broadband internet access. And stainless steel appliances in the kitchen with granite countertops. And three boats – yes, canoes and paddle boats count.

They have a forest full of birch trees here. I’ve always loved birch. They’re pretty and stand apart from the rest of the forest with their white paper bark that sets them apart. That and they are great to start fires with – the bark burns so quickly.

The sky is a little cloudy, and the only sound I hear is the hum of the refrigerator and a clock somewhere, ticking. I’ve already drank a half pot of coffee and prepared all the ingredients for pancakes and readied the electric skillet – I just need Stuart to wake up and make them for me.

Happy Pride, from Backus, or er, Hackensack … or wherever the hell I am.


05.08.2007 · Posted in Work

Pro-bono clients are great because you’re generally given a much higher degree of what’s called “creative license.” This is an example of a piece of work my agency put out for a pro-bono client – a racetrack in rural MN. The idea behind the campaign was “speedy”. Imagine seeing this on the side of the road on your way up north to the cabin for the weekend. It made me giggle.

Two more after the jump.

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13th Stepping

05.02.2007 · Posted in Recovery

A friend recently forwarded an article to me that’s published in the May 2007 issue of Newsweek. It’s regarding 13th stepping – when someone in AA takes advantage of a newcomer. Makes me angry, mad and sad.

Read the article.

My friend Greg

04.23.2007 · Posted in Friends

My friend Greg Johnston was murdered last night. I don’t know any details other than the Austin, TX police department have just ruled it a homicide after referring to it as a “suspicious death” this morning.

I lived with Greg for a couple of years several years back. He was kind, generous, and always tried to make people happy. He was a fun person to be around. After living in Minneapolis for the last 10 to 15 years he decided to move himself to warmer temperatures and closer to his consulting clients – he chose Austin.

I hadn’t spent any time with Greg for a little while. The last time I saw him was a couple of summers ago – we met for coffee at Starbucks in Block E. We chatted online a couple of months back when he told me about his move and other ongoings. We agreed to meet up on his next trip up this way.

Things like this scare you when they hit home. I’m grateful that Greg was in my life. We had a lot of fun times together.

Greg –

If you’re reading this, thank you for being you. You always tried to help me along and made me feel good about myself. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for being in my life.

Good bye, Greg.


Google quiety supporting fight against global warming?

04.23.2007 · Posted in In the news, Technology

Google frequently changes its logo during holidays, special events, or what have you. Today I noticed the regular old Google logo at their landing page:


You can see all of their previous logos online.

earthday07res.gifToday, on their search results page, where the logo is found in a smaller version at the upper-left corner, they have a customized logo. The ALT text reads simply “Earth Day”. I’m taking this as, “Wake up – the ice is melting.” This is great – the normal Earth Day images that come to mind for me are the Earth, green plants, green lettering, etc. This blue ice melting image is awesome – puts more of a “Hurry up and do something!” spin on it.

Just one question – why not put this on their landing page with the big logo?

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Box Village

04.22.2007 · Posted in Home / Minneapolis

Friday night I drove by Plymouth Congregational Church on Franklin and Nicollet Avenues. The parking lot was filled with spectators, a lit stage was on one side with a couple of people addressing the crowd. A Fox 9 new van was parked in the corner of the lot with its satellite extended. A stage was setup with lights and a loud speaker touted thanks to corporate sponsor Wells Fargo, etc. (which was all I heard as I drove by).

Later that evening, on my way home, the same lot was dark, but a few people were milling about amidst hundreds of boxes… BIG BOXES – like the kind your refrigerator comes packaged in. My friend Mark said, “I think those people are sleeping in boxes.” No, I thought… a church parking lot full of boxes? That’s got to be the most bizaare thing I’ve ever heard of.

An internet search proved me wrong. The event truly did involve people sleeping in boxes in order to raise money for homeless people in MN. An honorable cause. The Plymouth Congregational Church is a wonderful light in the community – this is actually the 3rd year they’ve done this. Read the full story at Fox 9’s website, or reprinted here for archiving.

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