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You’re the problem!

06.28.2004 · Posted in Recovery

My sponsor told me something very valuable once – if you find that someone is getting on your nerves, it’s usually not their problem, as they’re happy doing whatever it is doing whatever’s bothering you. It’s usually something that’s wrong with yourself if someone else is getting on your nerves. Does that make sense?

He also gave me some good advice on dealing with people who may tend to ‘get on your nerves’ if that person happens to be a friend. You’ve go a couple of options:

a) you learn to deal with it

b) you let the person know your feelings and they may or may not modify their behavoir

c) you stop associating with the person

I love thinking about things this way. Makes things very simple. Obviously option C is for extreme cases. Option B is pretty easy if you’re open about things. And option A, although maybe not the most desireable or easiest option, seems to be coming easier and easier for me lately – I hope it keeps progressing.

Anyhow, time to call people and tell them to get their asses in here.

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Combining hosts

06.25.2004 · Posted in Misc

I’m moving my site over to another host so I can rid myself of an unnecessary bill – don’t ask me why I signed up for a second host. Okay, it was to try out this nifty webstats package that didn’t end up being so nifty afterall. Anyhow, you may see an older version of the site for a short period of time. Don’t worry – nothing’s been lost and the world isn’t going to end 🙂 Everything will be back to normal within about 24-48 hours.

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Farmers’ Market day!

06.24.2004 · Posted in Home / Minneapolis

It’s Farmers’ Market day on Nicollet Mall! MMM, good, cherry turnovers right outside of Gaviidae! It’s too bad the two hunky farmer boys no longer work outside of the IDS tower. At least I haven’t seen them this year. It’s funny, though – anyone you ask, “have you seen those two boys outside of the IDS tower” and they start jumping, “YES, YES!” I used to take strolls down Nicollet several times a day every Thursday afternoon just to catch a glimpse of these guys. Sometimes I’d buy a single banana or cucumber.

Please come back, boys.

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Wax Bush!

06.24.2004 · Posted in Opinions

An email from my friend Jules just came in:

Ladies & Gents Want Bush out of office? Put your bikini line (or that of the one you love) where your mouth is. A friend is helping to sponsor this and they need your help! TONIGHT appts still available A waxing event at

Spot Spa Boutique
401 E Hennepin
(below Boom – door on the side)

5 to 10 pm
bikini or brazilian

call 331 4182

Spot Spa Boutique

All proceeds go to Kerry for president
Apologies to any Bush supporters.


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Tea for sale!

06.24.2004 · Posted in Autobiographical

Stop by and see me during the pride festival in Loring Park selling Sweet Leaf Tea! It’s a new product the company is trying to launch in the area so I’m helping some buddies promote it at Pride. Please stop by and say hello 🙂

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Busy Bee

06.22.2004 · Posted in Friends

Good gawd things are busy these days. Work is nuts. I like being busy, though 🙂 Provides stability. Just wish there were more hours in the day to provide time to relax.

I hope to work on some updates to the site here soon, but it’s probably going to be a while until I get a chance as I’m going to be working all weekend at Pride selling tea and I have to get to the gym so I can look good while doing it!

… in the meantime, go check out my new Blogger friend’s site at www.wandawisdom.com – make sure to check out the videos and tell her Sparkles sent yah.

“And she looked … just … like … THIS!” (points for anyone who can tell me what movie I took that from)

Pure camp

06.21.2004 · Posted in Entertainment

This weekend was fantastic! Though it was nice and sunny, it never rose much above 70, so I didn’t get an opportunity to work on my tan, but I’m not going to bitch too much because the rain we’ve had is so dreadfully depressing – the sun is a nice change. I’ve watched Girls Will Be Girls a few times in the last week. It’s pure all-out camp. Miss CoCo Peru stars as one of three main gals. You’d recognize her from Trick and To Wong Foo. “Have you ever had cum in your eye, Gabriel? It burrrrrns!” Go rent it, or better yet, go buy it.

And, along the same lines, Die Mommie Die just came out on video, too! It’s a real tribute to the old Betty Davis flicks, and it stars Jason Priestly post-i’m-an-idiot-car-crash-incident!

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Monkey porn

06.21.2004 · Posted in Absurdity

Good lord. I’m no zoologist, but I can’t imagine dirtying this ape’s mind is going to make him want to procreate.

Maybe this ape is gay, and maybe the ladies are too.

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