San Pedro and San Pablo

Guatemala: Day Two I noticed yesterday that I’ve begun to ‘forget’ my camera at Benjamin’s when I leave the house. I think this is simply a sign that I’ve become more comfortable here and think of it more like an actual home. Shanti and Zues, Benjamin’s two dogs, have made all the difference. Each morning […]

First Full Day in Guatemala

Today has been such an adventure! I’ve met so many people and seen so many new places – I’m just grateful. I am staying at a home owned by a man named Benjamin. He has lived here in San Marcos for something like 20 years. He owns a hotel, restaurant and retreat space a short […]

First night in San Marcos La Laguna

Exhausted and falling asleep so I’ve got only a few snapshots. Cinderblock, corrugated steel and exposed wood seem to make up the primary building materials Stray dogs – many of them with a gimpy leg Rain and fog in the mountains Beautiful views from mountainside roads crumbling over vertigo-inducing heights Sinkholes Beetles BIG spiders Four […]


I’m in London. 29 and I’ve finally ventured beyond North America. I’m traveling with my friend, Fabian, who knows the city rather well – which has proven quite useful. In two days we’ve been to see Saunders and French at the Drury St Theatre for their farewell show. In fact, we saw it the night […]


I spent nearly an hour trying to get from my home on the south end of downtown to pick up my buddy Rambo on the north end. In Minnesota there is a running joke about our climate; we have only two seasons – Winter and Road Construction. I complain about the road construction every summer […]

Loving my iPhone

This is my first entry made from my iPhone using the third party WordPress app developed for it. I’m impressed with both. The ability Apple has to develop highly functional products that are simitaneously simple to use never ceasescto amaze me. Applications built for the iPhone have to be intelligently planned out as you can […]