… and I am Somebody male. in my thirties. recovering alcoholic. live in minneapolis. work in progress. gay. serenity please.

Super Fantastic Day!

07.04.2004 · Posted in Autobiographical

OMG, I just had a super-fantastic day! Started out with sleeping in until 11:00, which is someting I haven’t done in probably a month. Went to Spy House and got a blueberry muffin and a light roast. Did my crossword puzzles. Stopped over at Mom & Dad’s and dropped off their coolers. Fixed Mom’s computer. Dropped Dustin off at the airport (he’s going to the Hamptons for the week – that Bastard!). Picked Jim up at the Mall. Went to the gym with Jim. Went to an NA meeting with Jim. Went to Kowalski’s with Jim to pick up steaks and veggies. Came home, grilled, ate, watched Andy Roderick on SNL – yummmmmy! Did laundry. Found my digital camera so I can take photos of the rodeo tomorrow! Did four loads of laundry, and am just folding up the last of it.

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Gay Rodeo!

07.04.2004 · Posted in Friends

Had another FABULOUS day! Got up, went to coffee at Spyhouse for my blueberry muffin and light rost. Went to the gay rodeo, run by the NSGRA, in Hugo – about 30 minutes north of downtown minneapolis. The rodeo was just a blast, and I got tons of photos – go check them out in the gallery. Here’s a teaser:

Here’s another shot with my friend Tommy and I (I’m on the left). He participated in a couple of the events and has a HUGE belt buckle!

Anyhow, I’m off for the night to see if I can go lasso in anymore cowboys!

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07.02.2004 · Posted in Friends

My blogging-buddy Aaron just relaunched his site under a new name: OpenDoors – go check it out. He seems cool so far, but he spends far too much time at the Wilde Roast Cafe on his Mac.

Anyhow, just got home from Spiderman2 and I’ve got to get to bed. TGIF!

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I’ll cut yah!

07.01.2004 · Posted in Autobiographical

I found this photo while browsing through myspace.com tonight. Not something I normally do, btw, but I’m glad I did, or I never would have seen this thing!

Don’t you hate it when it gets really humid during summer in Minnesota and the mosquitos start attacking you in flocks and it’s so humid that even when a mosquito doesn’t land on you, you’re so paranoid that one is, and you feel a slight tingle from the humidity and you end up slapping any exposed skin over and over again? Gawd I hate that.

Had more drama with my mother tonight, and I was already crabby at work all day from the drama the past few nights. So what did I do? I went on a little shopping spree at Best Buy 🙂 I bought walkie-talkies and a new flash memory card for my digital camera, which equals more recent photos and spy games for me! Jim and I were walking / driving all over the best buy parking lot to try to see how far the range was on these babies when we started hearing the headsets from some Baby store. “clean up in isle 3”

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oh my aching back

07.01.2004 · Posted in Autobiographical

Okay, so I admit it – I’m a total sucker for a backrub. I’ve actually hurt my back a couple of times before, probably due to not stretching properly in the gym, and had gone to a couple of different chiropractors.

During the pride festival, and the couple of days leading up to it, I had hauled around soooo many cases of iced tea, that I was starting to get a little sore. Low and behold, directly across from our booth there was a chiropractic clinic giving out free 5 minute massages, so I had to go. I ended up feeling guilty for going over not having any intention of signing up for any of their services so I made an appointment – it was only $10 so I thought what the heck.

Anyhow, I went yesterday after work and as turned out it was probably the best $10 I’ve ever spent! Two super-hottie interns and one super-hottie chiropractor worked me over for about an hour. I couldn’t even believe it – I was in absolute heaven. I’m now straightened out, cracked out, and going back for more on Monday and Wednesday next week!

It must be my higher power letting me know that I am somebody.

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Long weekend

06.28.2004 · Posted in Autobiographical

Phew. I’m glad the weekend is over!

This was my first sober Pride. Well, my first full sober pride – I was once sober and backstage at the Long Beach pride while The Village People and Amber performed, but that doesn’t really count.

Back to present day – It’s funny how many other sober people were there… I honestly thought pride was one big drink-fest before. At least that’s how I always remembered it. There was plenty-o-eye-candy about! I had wanted to take my camera, but I lost the flash memory card, so I have no pictures of any of them 🙁

I especially enjoyed the sign language interpretive dance the Leather-Daddy-sign-language-interpretor was performing stage left at the smaller stage on the south end of the park. Aside from aforementioned leather daddy, there were plenty of other “diverse” people about. Working the booth, I somewhat felt like the folks in Carnivale, except there was one small difference – the ‘weirdos’ were on the other side of the booth!

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I hate it when

06.28.2004 · Posted in Autobiographical

I schedule a meeting and can’t get people to show up on time. I run into
former tricks in public and I don’t want to talk to them. I get parking tickets.

I don’t get my way.

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