Vallarta Day 8 Coco’s kitchen for the Vallarta Omelette, filled with avocado, topped with avocado. You can not take a bite of this meal without an avocado touching your lips. I love it. I prepared today, wearing my gym clothes to breakfast, with a beach towel in my bag. My everyday life here in Vallarta […]

Thursday in Vallarta

Vallarta Day 7 Thursday here is nice and low-key for me. Coco’s Kitchen is open for breakfast again – thank gawd! I decide to switch it up a bit and order the Greek omelette instead of the Vallarta variety. It was a mistake – I like the Vallarta better. Coffee and blogging at Dee’s is […]

Home Sweet Vallarta

Vallarta Day 1 My flight from Guatemala City to Mexico City on Mexicana Air was delightful. The plane was exceptionally clean, lots(!!!) of legroom in coach, helpful & professional flight crew, and behaved children. The flight was only an hour and 45 minutes, yet they served a hot meal. For free! And, not that I […]

The Sounds of San Marcos

Dynamite explosions in the mountains, intentionally set off to initiate controlled rockslides. They sound like cannonballs and if you can spot them, the smoke looks as if the mountainsides are being bombed. Roosters beginning around 6:30 and going all day. Many people here have chickens and they roam around the village. Street dogs barking, screeching, […]