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Fall (Autumn) in Minnesota

11.02.2005 · Posted in Home / Minneapolis

Do you refer to the season as Fall or Autumn in your part of the world? I’ve always said Fall – maybe to help me remember that I am supposed to set my clock back in the fall and forward in the spring. But I think it’s got a more significant correlation – the leaves falling to the ground all around us.

If a strong wind comes along a tree-lined street, it’s as if it’s raining with the leaves falling all around you.

I remember raking leaves every year with my family. I abhored the chore of actually raking, but loved playing in the pile afterwards. In fact, one of my first memories is of playing in a pile of leaves (and peeing my pants when I couldn’t get out).

Fall in the Upper Peninsula (of Michigan) is beautiful. So many forests turning color next to the freezing water of lake Superior. It’s not unusual to find a road that is entirely shaded from the trees above, driving over the leaves that have fallen.

The brisk air makes my skin dry, and I anticipate going through a case of Lubriderm this winter, but I like the air because it feels clean and refreshing.

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10.30.2005 · Posted in Autobiographical, Travel

My trip to boston a couple of weeks back with Jim was a lot of fun. Exploring new places is always an adventure. We stayed at one of Jim’s coworker’s condo downtown. It’s not really fair to refer to Mike as just a coworker – he’s a super great guy. Mike’s and his girlfriend, Lauara both provided us much entertainment during our stay – thanks a ton, guys!

The State House

Our first day on the town, and we headed over Beacon Hill to all the action. The State House – the capital building, lay just beyond the hill. Some important suits passed us at every turn. Boston Commons lie directly across the street. Boston’s park system really puts Minneapolis’ to shame – Loring Park would have looks like a manure field next to this paradise in the city.

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The latest meme trend

10.28.2005 · Posted in Absurdity

Saw this on Ryan’s blog. Google ” needs” and post the top ten results.

1. Sparkles needs our help right now

2. Sparkles needs a ride to CA

3. Sparkles needs a Home

4. Sparkles needs some paintings

5. Sparkles needs this costume!!

6. Sparkles needs a serial hug

7. Sparkles needs a sign!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CAN WE HAVE A LEMUR SIGN!!!!!

8. Sparkles needs to be on www.paperrad.org

9. Sparkles needs a new pair of shoes

10. Sparkles needs a Home with lots of love, attention, toys and pampering (some treats would be nice too)

Insane Dream Interpretation

10.27.2005 · Posted in Autobiographical

I woke up at 4:03 AM this morning. SCREAMING one long and monotonous yelp until my breath ran out. My heart was beating. That was one real fucking dream.

I was living in my old apartment – the 3rd floor of an old house. No roommate, but a cute, and unfortunately straight, twenty-something guy lived below me. Two girls, each servers at the Green Mille, and chronic pot-heads, lived on the first floor. The house was on 31st and James – a block off the lake and a block away from all the wonders uptown offers.

I had two entrances. The primary had you enter the house’s front door, proceed up the stairs to the second floor where my “front door” was. Behind which you found another flight of stairs up to my apartment on the 3rd floor.

The second entrance was found in the back yard. A long, winding staircase had been built and enclosed in recent years to abide by the city’s fire code requiring two exits. I never used the entrance because of the hassle of walking to the back of the house, the migit-sized door opening into the kitchen, and I needed extra storage space – which the stairs provided quite nicely.

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I wish I had a camera

10.19.2005 · Posted in Home / Minneapolis

I just returned from my daily Starbucks run. The Starbucks I frequent happens to be across the street from the Target Center. Today, in the midst of the “Vikings sex scandal on the sea” scandal, there is a very large cargo van made of glass, with bikini-clad women inside, catching some rays alongside small potted palm trees. The side of the van says, “Come enjoy the warmth of Mexico. Call 1.800.44.MEXICO.” They could have at least had some men on board.

Meanwhile, it’s 42 degrees.

New server

10.14.2005 · Posted in Misc

Migrating to a new server (again). May experience some down time this weekend.

Saturday update: I should be back and running as normal now. Please let me know if you run into anything out of hte ordinary!

Steve, The Dell Guy

10.11.2005 · Posted in In the news

Playbill Magazine has an interview with Ben Curtis, a.k.a. Steve, the “Dell Guy.” Items of note:

1. He went through a time of depression after doing the Dell campaign when he used marijuana heavily
2. His father came out of the closet and left his mother when he was in his teens
3. He’s playing a gay character in Joy
4. He is open about his bisexuality, but ultimately would consider himself “straight, but not narrow.”

I have to wonder if he’s not narrow, that mean’s he’s wide?

Read the interview yourself. It’s refreshing to see a guy be open and honest about his feelings.

Full text of the interview is in the extended entry as well.
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New server on the way

10.10.2005 · Posted in Misc

I’ll be migrating to a new server over the next few days. Hopefully it won’t be all that painful – just need to figure out how to transfer the DB and the rest, I’m hoping, will be easy. If the site, or Jim’s, looks to be down when you visit, please check back in the next day or two.

Hopefully, the new server will put an end to the lag time you’ve seen while commenting. In fact, it should already be better because I’ve already moved some things over to the new server, which lightens the load on this box. I’ll get back to regular blogging as soon as possible.

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1000 bars in one year

10.03.2005 · Posted in Absurdity

So I find myself sitting in a coffee shop on Sunday night surfing Technorati for interesting things. Low and behold, I find a blog of a guy who labels himself “Bar Guy.” Bar Guy is on a mission to visit 1000 bars in one year, and he’s just about made it. Coincidentally, he’s visited the gay bar strip on Hennepin Ave. in Minneapolis. Here are a couple of his photos. Scary to see some of these places during the daylight hours.