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New server

10.14.2005 · Posted in Misc

Migrating to a new server (again). May experience some down time this weekend.

Saturday update: I should be back and running as normal now. Please let me know if you run into anything out of hte ordinary!

6 Responses to “New server”

  1. Are we zippy now?

  2. Almost Zippy. Zippier than my box anyway! Congratulations on the migration!

    I was choking the life out of my own webserver last night. These things can not be as fun as they sound.

  3. Yes, much zippier! I had a dedicated AMD PIII 500MHz with 128mb RAM. With a couple of MySQL DBs running on it, it just couldn’t keep up, so I recently upgraded to 512MB RAM, but it just wasn’t enough. The server kept puttering out running scripts and things just weren’t right. That poor box lasted me five years – hopefully this one will last me as long.

  4. I notice something out of the ordinary.

    You misspelled “hte.”

  5. Nice, Dave! Yah, been in maintenance mode as of late. I’ll be back to regular posting and proper grammar soon!

  6. I am glad that it went well.