New server

Migrating to a new server (again). May experience some down time this weekend.

Saturday update: I should be back and running as normal now. Please let me know if you run into anything out of hte ordinary!

6 thoughts on “New server

  1. Almost Zippy. Zippier than my box anyway! Congratulations on the migration!

    I was choking the life out of my own webserver last night. These things can not be as fun as they sound.

  2. Yes, much zippier! I had a dedicated AMD PIII 500MHz with 128mb RAM. With a couple of MySQL DBs running on it, it just couldn’t keep up, so I recently upgraded to 512MB RAM, but it just wasn’t enough. The server kept puttering out running scripts and things just weren’t right. That poor box lasted me five years – hopefully this one will last me as long.

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