Free iBook my ass!

Ok, so a while back I put up a link and image in my sidebar advertising a free ibook. It was some scheme I ran across on somebody else’s blog and I said I would try it out and report back on my findings.

Well … here’s what I found:


The gist of it was this:

1. Sign up for a free iBook
2. Complete one of several online offers – some of these costed money, others were free.
3. Get 18 other people to sign up for their free iBook and successfully complete an offer – same offers mentioned above in step two.

That’s it – sounds easy, right? Well here’s what my experience was:

I signed up for a credit card offer. I was approved and they sent me a new card. Then I went back to the website to see if my status was changed from ‘not having completed an offer’ to ‘having completed an offer.’ It had not changed – the site was still showing that I needed to complete an offer in order to be elligable for my free iBook. I checked the FAQs, which stated it sometimes takes a couple of weeks for your offer to show up as having been completed.

So I waited.

One month later my offer “still had not been completed.” What a joke. So I began reading through the FAQs again and noticed there was a manual option to click if “you had completed an offer, but it wasn’t being reflected on the website.” So I clicked that, was prompted as to which offer I completed, I specified my offer, and nothing happened.

So I waited another month.

In the meantime five other folks had signed up with the program through my link. Mysteriously none of them had completed offers either.

It’s now been about 3 months since I completed my offer. During that time I’ve just become frustrated with it, and it’s 12k extra that my blog visitors have to download with the iBook image. I’ve now removed the image and given up any hopes of my free iBook. Ah well, I guess I’ll be sticking with PCs … the Gods don’t like Macs 🙂

8 thoughts on “Free iBook my ass!

  1. Next time you’re in Arizona, check out that big ol bridge. I hear it’s for sale real cheap.

    Just remember, you get what you pay for. The company making the iBook is getting a lot of free marketing they would not have otherwise gotten. You’re doing it for them. Or were.

  2. The Gods don’t hate Macs…why would they hate a machine that does not contain any viruses/spyware, hardly ever crashes and looks spectacularly better than 99% of PCs? 🙂

    Maybe it’s just a dirty scheme like this that the Gods don’t like! 🙂

  3. I wish I could remember where I read an article about this, but I can’t. However, somewhere there was an article about how it’s a rip-off because it’s virtually impossible to satisfy the requirements.

  4. For your information, this site is legit, you should of done a cheap and easy offer like the tickle iq test.

  5. Thanks for putting this blog post up and not being embarassed by the bastards. I was about to fall for a similar scam from this guys blog.
    Same “three-step process”, same situation. I signed up for the offer and my account said that no offer had been made. I was going to start waiting, but now I’m going to severe my ties.

  6. I have actually received several things from free sites like this. The key is just to stay on top of them to credit your account. I’ve received two free ipods, an ipod nano, a sony psp, an ibook, and a lcd monitor. Work the system and it can really pay off.

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