Miss Ellie is gone forever


Poor Miss Ellie, dead at 82 of lung cancer.

She was probably the only character on Dallas who was rarely angry. Never involved in any of the scandals (she did give John Ross back to Sue Ellen, afterall), and always the voice of reason. How could you not like her?

She was preceded in death 30 years prior by her husband, whom also died of cancer. She went broke paying medical bills for her husband’s illness, but by 1980 she’d received an Emmy for her role on Dallas. 25 years later, she’s still the only nightime soap actress to ever receive the award.

We’ll all miss you, Miss Ellie!

3 thoughts on “Miss Ellie is gone forever

  1. Sadly Barbara Bel Geddes will be remember best as Miss Ellie, when she was one of the American theater’s great actresses. Some of the best playwrights of the 50-70s wrote parts for her. She could light up a stage like few other actresses of her generation. But at least Miss Ellie paid the bills.

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