… and I am Somebody male. in my thirties. recovering alcoholic. live in minneapolis. work in progress. gay. serenity please.

9 Responses to “I love Anderson Cooper”

  1. hold on, let me ask him …

  2. How can you not love Anderson? I mean, his mother is Gloria Vanderbelt. Wait. Do I sound gay?

  3. Yeah I love him too … The word is that he lives with his b/f in Chelsea, but just has never made a public statement that he’s gay. Oh well … we know the truth Anderson! Did you guys see the excerpt from his interview with Jerry Falwell now called ‘his pronoun problem’ you can read it here … http://www.wonkette.com/politics/personalities/anderson-coopers-pronoun-problem-026558.php

  4. I heard the Advocate or Out or one of those gay rags wanted to out him. In response he wrote a letter, which he told them to publish, that said that he “wasn’t ready to talk about his private life” or something to that effect.

  5. I’d pay money to see Anderson and Jake Shears get it on. Of course, I don’t think either of their bfs would necessarily appreciate that.

  6. Aimee Phillips- is she a clone of Boy George?

  7. ugh jake shears looks like hell.

  8. I would love a man sandwich with spears and cooper. WOO HOO

  9. Yikes! I know for sure that Amanda Lepore is a sexchange but i’m beginning to wonder about that Aimee Phillips! Does she “get any” dressed up like a sausage dipped in glitter?