Boom Boom no more?

Being in recovery, one might think it’s strange that I’m writing about such an odd topic, but I’m an odd person – I’m allowed.

If you’re gay and you’ve spent any time in Southern California, God help you if you haven’t visited the Boom Boom Room – Laguna Beach’s original gay bar.

In a former life I spent my share of evenings whooping it up at the Boom. There were always a mix of a few locals and many out of towners who all had one thing in common – a degree of “nice” you don’t usually find in a gay bar – especially a gay bar in South Cali. The bar was a guaranteed good time, every time.

Nearly a year ago, a developer purchased the property that houses the Boom. He’s intending to close the bar and turning the building into a botique hotel – ending a 60 year run as the west coast’s longest established gay bar. An organization has been formed, a petition is making the rounds, and a website launched to cover the efforts being made to Save the Boom.

If you’ve ever spent time at the Boom, considering sending a letter to the city council and letting them know about the good times you’ve had in their city.


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