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There’s been a murder

04.05.2005 · Posted in Home / Minneapolis

I just walked in the door this evening around 9:00pm. I grabbed a few chicken breasts out of the freezer and threw them into the microwave to thaw. That’s when I noticed it – the clue.

The clue

My mind started racing – should I open the door, or run and get Dustin? Could I bear it alone? I decided to brave it. I opened the cabinet.

The evidence

More evidence

“Ackkkk!!!” I screamed. Dustin came running from his bedroom. What could have happened? That’s when we spotted the culprit.

The Culprit

Another view of The Culprit

After performing numerous examinations to determine the meat of the crime, I noticed the most horrifying thing:

Canned Asparagus???

This was most definately Dustin’s doing.

7 Responses to “There’s been a murder”

  1. so disturbing, so very disturbing

  2. That me not getting any sleep tonight! Thank you very much! 🙂

  3. Canned Asparagus is the grossest thing ever! Fresh is the only way to go! No wonder the canned tomato committed harakiri.

  4. i’m just glad that you two survived the blast. what a disturbing discovery…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dan, I think you like to blame your poor roommate for everything.

  6. What a mess! Just exactly how old WAS that can? I’d skip the canned asparagus if I were in your shoes.

  7. that looks like a sign of botulism!!!!!! I hope you thoroughly washed your hands after handling that can!!!! It can kill you!