… and I am Somebody male. in my thirties. recovering alcoholic. live in minneapolis. work in progress. gay. serenity please.

5 Responses to “There’s a storm’a brew’n”

  1. Ooooh, me too! That’s one thing I miss about living in southern California…no thunder or lightning. And we only get significant downpours maybe two or three times a year. I always like to feel that the storms are washing away my sins… I find them renewing and reinvigorating.

  2. You can send that storm right on over to the Detroit metropolitan area (choking on idea that we HAVE a metropolitan area) I LOVE storms!!!

  3. Next time we gets one dem hurricanes down these parts, you can come stays in me shack. Da wind and da rain’ll blow ya right back up home.

  4. dan … it’s been raining here for nearly 2 weeks! we’re turning into the tropics!

  5. Myke – we had rain for about 2 weeks as well. When it’s not raining, it’s so humid and hot I wish it would rain!